Tsukikurō Otonashi
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Tsukikurou Otonashi
Japanese 月苦労音無
Rōmaji Tsukikurō Otonashi
Alias Nyarlathotep
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Age Elderly
Status Deceased
Relatives Kaguya Otonashi (daughter)
Eye Black
Hair Black
Occupation Headmaster of National Knight Academy (formerly)
Partner Nyarlathotep
Manga debut Chapter 25
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 3
Tsukikurō Otonashi (音無 月苦労 Otonashi Tsukikurō) is the headmaster of National Knight Academy as well as the father of Kaguya Otonashi. He later revealed himself as Nyarlathotep.


Tsukikurō looks like a gentleman in his prime of life, wearing a refined suit on his body.


He hates and doesn't want to accept Kazuki Hayashizaki as the King of Solomon. He makes strange experiments on humans in his underground with blasphemous research that should be despised. He wants to draw out the power of Solomon 72 Pillar forcefully, Stigmata’s transplanting operation for the purpose of creating stronger Magika Stigma. Tsukikurō doesn't seem to value human lives including his own and will do anything to achieve his goals no matter what. In his last moments of his life when he realized that he was an illegal magician he let himself get encroached by Nyarlathotep while thinking to himself that he's unneeded to anyone.




Powers and AbilitiesEdit



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