Torazō Yamada
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Torazou Yamada
Japanese 山田 寅蔵
Rōmaji Yamada Torazō
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Age Teens
Status Alive
Hair Red
Occupation Student
School National Knight Academy
Manga debut Chapter 1

Torazō Yamada (山田 寅蔵 Yamada Torazō) is the third strongest student in the Swordsmanship Division. He was also the 3rd seat in the sword division student council.


Torazō is a boy with spiky red hair as well as grey eyes. Kazuki described him as a a guy that was cleanly dressed with short hair. Torazō wears a Sword Division’s male uniform. He also wears an Odachi on his waist.


Torazō is a very hardworking student and does everything to help the swordsmanship division. He usually does all of the paperwork of the Swordsmanship Division that his president couldn't easily do which leaves exhausted and has no interest in accepting too much responsibility that he can't handle.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • High Speed Movement:
  • Enhanced Swordsmanship:


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