Shiori Yumeno
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Yumeno Shiori
Japanese 詩織 夢野
Rōmaji Shiori Yumeno
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age Teens
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown parents
Eye Brown
Hair Black
School National Knight Academy
Diva Halphas
Shiori Yumeno (夢野 詩織 Yumeno Shiori) is the Magic Division's first year class one. She was also the Night Academy's news paper chairmen. She is contracted to Halphas. She has a split personality called Kaori Yumeno which is also contracted to Baku. Shiori's split personality is later revealed to be a spy for Yamato.


Shiori is a short petite girl with short bob cut hair and a pretty face. She is usually seen wearing the uniform of National Knight Academy.


Shiori has a sweet and innoccent personality, she always tried to help her friends with all kinds of jobs. She likes her work at the student council but she usually overworks herself, later in the fight with Kazuki it is revealed that she actually tried to neglect the fact that her parents abused her in her childhood which led to the birth of Kaori.




Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Even though she's a B ranked student, Shiori's strength and power is a A rank. She has excellent magic control and skilled at gathering information something that Kaori took advantage from her.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Halphas 10 inherent powers:Edit

Level 1: Black Barrett: Shoots feathers covered in black flames that burn the mind.

Level ?: Birth from Dark: Creates several swordsmen of black that attack the enemy.

Level 5: Agonizing Wings: Summons wings made out of black flame which grants the ability to fly for short amounts of distances.

Level ?: Blood on Fire: Support magic that heals mental fatigue and increases magic output.

Level 7: Inferno: Giant bow and arrow of black flame.

Baku 10 inherent powers: Edit

Level ?: Mugensou: Attack magic that directly hijacks and controls the demon beast's mind. Making them obey the summoner completely. But when this magic is in effect no other magic can be used. This magic can be used on human but very less effective.

Level ?: Youwakumu: Mind attack magic that drives the opponent to very deep sleep.

Equipment Edit

Yamizaru: Sharp and durable claw shaped sacred treasure that Shiori wields. It's special ability is a curse, through which a wound inflicted by this weapon won't heal immediately, whether it's defensive magic power or physical wound. Leaving the place open for a fatal wound.


  • Kazuki had obtained the Key to her Heart by Volume 12, Chapter 2
  • She and Kazuki kissed in Volume 14, Chapter 1