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Miyabi Ryūtaki
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Ryuutaki Miyabi
Japanese (りゅう)(たき) (みや)()
Base 龍瀧 雅美
Furigana りゅうたき みやび
Rōmaji Ryūtaki Miyabi
Other Names, etc. Onē-sama (by Shinobu)
Personal Information
Species Elf
Human (former)
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age Teens
Status Alive
Relatives Shinobu Ryūtaki (twin sister)
Eye Burgundy
Hair Silver
Occupation Student
School National Knight Academy
Diva Gremory
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 4

Miyabi Ryūtaki ((りゅう)(たき) (みや)() Ryūtaki Miyabi) is the twin sister of Shinobu Ryūtaki and a second year at the Knights Academy in the Magic Division.


Miyabi is a beautiful young woman who is also an elf with long silver hair, red eyes, and long pointed ears. Before she turned into an elf she had black hair and golden eyes just like her younger twin sister Shinobu. She wears the academy's Magic Division girls uniform. Her Magic Dress resembles a white, sleeveless, backless qipao dress with an opening in the front and a slit off the side and it is outlined in gold. Her hair becomes straighter and is now in a ponytail tied with gold string, along with a crescent moon hair accessory. This is a rare magic dress with little exposure rate.




Miyabi became an elf while young and the shock made Shinobu reject reality. Shinobu is literally incapable of registering any evidence that Miyabi is an elf, which coincidentally saved Miyabi from the same trauma and loneliness that plagued most elves (They tend to face quite a bit of discrimination due to how rare and poorly understood elves were until recently). However, that has also made Shinobu pretty much dependent psychologically on Miyabi.


Volume 4Edit

After the events of volume 3, Miyabi thought of Kazuki as her savior (Nyarlathotep was kidnapping elves in secret and using them as tools of human experimentation, but was stopped by Kazuki), so she was quite well disposed to Kazuki, and after testing him in the Student Council Election Tournament, she asked Kazuki to conquer her and her sister.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Gremory 10 inherent powers:Edit

All of Gremory's powers are based on the mind magic which is mostly used to attack an enemy's mind. It can also be used to support allies.

Level 1: Moon Scraper: Creates a blade in the shape of a crescent moon in Miyabi's hand that is then thrown at the enemy in an arc.

Level 2: Lunatic Luna Light: Confuses the targets into attacking each other as well as show their insecurity towards their comrades etc.

Level 3: Moon Ring  Mirror Field: A magic that creates a mirror shield in front the target to defend against light attribute magic.

Level 4: Moon Divide: A magic that transfers the users' magic power to other people.

Level 5: Moonlight Breath: Reinforcement magic that increases power.

Level 6: Lunatic Labyrinth: Transfers the target's heart to Miyabi's mental world.

Level 7: Man in the Moon: Creates a mirror in front of the enemy that reflects their face smiling sinisterly and it then renders them unconscious, in a state similar to magic intoxication where they are forced to face their worst fear. If they manage to overcome that fear they regain consciousness and temporarily gain a weapon created from the crystallization of their spirit. The power of that weapon is proportional to the target's inner strength.

Level 8:

Level 9:

Level 10: Awakening Full Moon: The Summoner's thought activity is amplified due to Revena’s strengthening, so much to the point one can perceive things in great detail and everything is in slow motion to the caster.

Union MagicEdit

Moon Strike: A magic created by combining the powers of Gremory and Marchosias. Creates a moon of magic power in the sky that is launched at enemies.


  • Ryūtaki means "Dragonic Waterfall".

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