Lu Shang Xiang
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Lu shang perfil
Japanese ルーシャン翔
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age Teens
Status Alive
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Affiliation Ryōzanpaku
Diva Taikoubou
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 6

Lu Shang Xiang (ルーシャン翔 Lǚ Shàng Xiāng) is a summoner from China who is contracted to a Diva of the Taoism Mythology Taikoubou. She is also the leader of the anti-China organization Ryōzanpaku. Also known as Roshouko or Shouko for short.

Appearance Edit

Shouko has tan skin. She has long wavy brown hair as well as brown eyes. Her Decorteo Brigieux is yellow with yin yang symbols on it.

Personality Edit

Shouko has a serious and cunning personality, however under this personality she deeply cares about her comrades. Leading a group of rebels, she has a righteous personality which is shown when she said that she disagrees with China's way of ruling and conquering other countries for the sake of becoming stronger.

History Edit



Volume 6 Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Taikoubou 10 inherent powersEdit

Level: ?: Dashinben: Creates a Sacred Treasure that takes the form of a one meter long pole of plain white wood that disturbs spell chanting when swung.

Level: ?: Tensuu Sakkai Senjuu: Summons a large beast with countless limbs, eyeballs and fangs like an incarnation of violence.

Level: ?: Rokkojin: Empowers every defensive magic that is present. It is a magic that amplifies defensive magic.

Equipment Edit

Onmyou Taikyokuzu: A sacred treasure that looks like a yellowed scrap of paper.

  • Shingan Kaikon ― Tenchi Shizen no Zu: An incantation that makes Onmyou Taikyokuzu float into the air and release an extraordinary amount of magic in the surrounding 50 kilometers which increases the perception range of Roshouko to the area of that spread out magic power. The only downside is that the magic power consumption is high.

Trivia Edit

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