Liz Liza Westwood
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Japanese リズリサ•ウェストウッド
Rōmaji Rizurisa Uesutouddo
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 30~
Status Alive
Eye Purple
Hair Blonde
Occupation Teacher
School National Knight Academy
Diva Agares
Partner Hibiki (formerly)
Manga debut Chapter 2
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1

Liz Liza Westwood is a teacher at the National Knight Academy.


Liza is a very short teacher, she has neck length hair that is tied in a bun. Liza is always seen wearing a formal outfit with a very short skirt, knee-socks and black boots. Even though Liza looks like a kid, she is in fact somewhere around 30+ years old, in other words she has eternal youth. Her Decorteo Brigieux takes an appearance of a green colored dress with an oversized wizard hat with a red ribbon around it, Liz also summons a staff with an hourglass on it which has the ability to manipulate time.


Liza may be a short person and look like a pre-schooler, but her personality tells otherwise. She is very harsh to her students calling them trash. But in truth, she just wants to make them good knights. She is a teacher with a strong and straightforward sense of justice. She was even the first among the adults to ally with Kazuki after his power as a king was discovered.

Liza is surprisingly very self-conscious about her physical appearance. This wasn't help by the fact that most of the men that approached her were only interested in her because she looks like a kid. This made her give up of dating and focus on her work instead.


Liz Liza was one of the first knights that fought in Japans great tragedy 10 years ago. She was a companion of Hibiki, whom she admired and looked up to as a big sister like figure. Liz Liza had her time frozen by her diva "Agares" and retained the body of an 18 year old.



Volume 1Edit

She is first seen introducing herself to her new students.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Agares 10 inherent powers: Edit

Level ?: Chrono Stutter: Magic that slows movements of the opponent.

Level ?: Leap Stasis: Negates the various attacks.

Telekinesis Magic

Mist: Liz is able to summon a giant mist that can cover an entire battlefield.


  • Liz hails from Great Britain.
  • Because of her childlike appearance, Liz Liza was mostly approached by pedophiles who nicknamed her legal loli.

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