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Is there something on my face, E-Rank? Am I such a rare thing?

–Koyuki to Kazuki, Volume 1, Chapter 2

Koyuki Hiakari
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Koyuki colored pic

Koyuki manga debut

Japanese (ひあ)(かり) ()(ゆき)
Base 氷灯 小雪
Furigana ひあかり こゆき
Rōmaji Hiakari Koyuki
Personal Information
Species Elf
Human (formerly)
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 15
Status Alive
Eye Red
Hair Silver
Occupation Student
Affiliation Magic Division

Witch's House

School National Knight Academy
Diva Vepar
Manga debut Chapter 1
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Ayaka Suwa

Koyuki Hiakari ((ひあ)(かり) ()(ゆき) Hiakari Koyuki) is a student in the Magic Division of the National Knight Academy and one of the main heroines of the series.


Koyuki is a beautiful petite young woman with her red eyes, long pointed ears, and short silver hair, all characteristics that make her an elf. She wears the school's uniform with white thigh-high knee socks. Koyuki’s Magical Dress is like a white school swimsuit. The Stigma is exposed on the shoulders and the thighs. Her hairstyle changes to a tied ponytail when she wears her Decorteo Brigieux.


Koyuki is almost always seen with a blank expression on her face, she has a very stoic personality and rarely speaks. Later in the series she opens up to Kazuki a little bit, but behind her cold personality she is just a sweet girl as she starts blushing when Kazuki compliments how beautiful she is. Later in the novels when she sees Kazuki she becomes very shy and embarrassed. She also becomes very nervous around him. But in truth she is just a lonely and misunderstood girl. In Volume 3 of the light novel she accepted herself and her feelings for Kazuki grew even more, because she wanted to protect the people close to her. She has gotten more perverted and submissive in her interactions with Kazuki whenever they're together.


Koyuki is A-rank, thus making her one of the strongest students in the academy.


Koyuki is first seen silently sitting in a class. Later she is seen in the fight with Loki summoning her Decorteo Brigieux. After the fight with Loki she challenged Miō Amasaki to a fight to keep the the latter's A-rank despite vehemently denying doing so for such a reason.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Vepar 10 inherent powers:Edit

Vepar rules over water and cold. When Kazuki became the king of Japan, Koyuki became the favored princess magician of Vepar from her over 150 positivity level bond with Kazuki. Koyuki is currently the only one that can use the full power of Vepar. The downside is that it can only last for a short time and any other contractors that were chosen by Vepar are unable to use magic, which puts them in a bind if they were to battle. During a mock battle with the Knight Order she took down her opponent with no difficulty. As a Chouki magician she is the strongest summoner of Vepar.

Level 1: Glacier Wind: Sends a chilly gust of arctic wind like the breath of a mermaid towards the enemy, freezing them.

  • Arctic Wind (Chouki Magician): An upgraded version of Glacier Wind that produces a wind of intense cold which symbolizes a world where life can't live.

Level 2: Moves in the Field: A large area of the ground around the user is frozen and skates made of ice are created on the bottoms of her and her allies' shoes allowing them to skate across the ice quickly while also impairing the movement of her enemies. This also gives Koyuki the ability to use close combat by utilizing sharp kicks with the edges of her ice skates damaging the opponent. The techniques she uses are similar to those used by professional ice figure skaters.

Level 3: Freeze Barrier: Defensive magic that surrounds the target in an icy wind.

Level 4: Tidal Wave: Creates a large tsunami in front of the user that crashes down on the enemy with great force.

Level 5: White Album: Large scale destruction magic that temporarily changes the space into a world of a winter blizzard that extinguishes all flames.

  • Solitary ・ White Album (Chouki Magician): An upgraded version of White Album. Creates white freezing air.

Level 6: Ice Buster: Koyuki slams her hand down on the ground and 6-10 sharp icebergs emerge from the ground flying through the air to pierce the enemy. The hardness, sharpness, and transparency of the icebergs increases the colder it is.

Level 7: ?:

Level 8: Ice Age: The avatar of Vepar materializes behind the castor and an atmosphere of pure cold and ice that even surpasses the blizzard of the third level of Mt. Fuji's Haunted Ground is created where all enemies slow down and eventually freeze.

Level 9: Negative Over Zero: Both Koyuki and Vepar breathe out atom gas that possesses a minus Kelvin temperature ,which even surpasses absolute zero, in a straight line toward the enemy.

Level 10: Diamond Dust ・ Absolute Zero: A stream of fierce wind is thrust out from the hand of Koyuki, that wind has a temperature of -273°C and also contains blocks of ice. This attack freezes and destroys the enemy on an atomic level.


  • Later in the light novel, it is revealed that Koyuki has a masochistic personality.
  • Koyuki means "Light Snow".
  • Hiakari means "Ice Lamp/Light".

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