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Magika chara8 Kaya
Japanese 香耶 (かや)
Rōmaji Kaya
Personal Information
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age Teens
Status Alive
Relatives Miō Amasaki (sister)
Eye Orange-Red
Hair Silver
Affiliation Loki

Kazuki Hayashizaki

Diva Loki
Partner Loki
Manga debut Chapter 9
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1

Kaya (()() Kaya) is the "younger sister" of Miō Amasaki who is being possessed by Loki.


Kaya has silver hair, she is seen wearing a white tattered blouse. Kazuki described her as a girl that was probably in junior high. Later in Volume 2, she starts wearing a black t-shirt printed with a skull image and jeans that were roughly damaged, and boots that were arranged with silver thumbtacks.


Kaya has a serious personality, she appears to hate everyone except Kazuki. She calls him onii-chan with twisted affection.


When she was little, she stayed at the Nanohana house with Miō and Kazuki. She also made a contract with Loki at that time because she always had dreams with Loki who told her to make a contract with him.


Kaya is first seen stalking Kazuki when he was on a date with Miō, but at first Kazuki didn't recognize her because of her strange appearance. Later she appeared once again during Kazuki's battle with Iori Kamīzumi.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Loki 10 inherent powers:Edit

She is able to use the same abilities as Loki, and weapons such as Laevateinn and Mjolnir.

Level: ?: Muspelheim: Summons a wall of fire that burns everything caught inside of it.

Level: ?: Dragon Invite: Summons Demon Beasts, namely dragons like Fafnir.

Level: ?: Weapon Invite: Summons a Sacred Treasure at random.

Level: ?: Armor Invite: With this skill Kaya can summon various types of armor.


Laevateinn: Laevateinn is a very destructive sword, it can create shockwaves that destroys everything in its path.
Mjölnir: Mjölnir is the hammer from Norse mythology. It has immense destructive power.
Burtgang: Burtgang is one of Kaya's swords in her weapon arsenal it can easily cut a zombie's head.
Cloak of Feather: With this cloak Kaya has the ability to fly.


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