Quickly answer me! If you do not quickly answer who I am, I will become a yandere!

–Kaguya to Kazuki, Volume 1, Chapter 3

Kaguya Otonashi
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Kaguya colored pic


Japanese 音無 輝夜
Rōmaji Otonashi Kaguya
Alias Nightmare Bringer
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 16
Status Alive
Relatives Tsukikurō Otonashi father (deceased)
Unnamed older brother (deceased)
Unnamed mother
Eye Amber
Purple (when in control of Asmodeus)
Hair Black
Occupation Student
Affiliation Magic Division
Student Council
Witch's House
School National Knight Academy
Diva Asmodeus
Manga debut Chapter 1
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1

Kaguya Otonashi ((おと)(なし) (かぐ)() Otonashi Kaguya) is the student council president of the Magic Division. She is also the strongest magika student in the academy and one of the main heroines of the series.


Kaguya has a long black hime style haircut that goes past the waist and big amber eyes. She also wears a big purple ribbon in her hair. She has very large breasts and a slim figure. Kaguya wears the academy's girls uniform. Her Decorteo Brigieux is very revealing as it consists of black attire around her neck, over her breasts, arms and legs. Her eye color changes to purple when Asmodeus takes control of her.


Kaguya is a sweet girl who has a very warm and cheerful personality, she is willing to help anyone in need. Kaguya can easily talk to people who she just met, she is like an older sister to everyone in the Witch's house. After prolonged use of her Decorteo Brigieux, her personality changes since Asmodeus governs lustful desires so change in her personality is a common side-effect. Kaguya is very kind-hearted and care-free; she instantly became interested in Kazuki upon their first meeting and wants to guide him as his Magika senior, much to his sister's dismay. She is also very flirtatious when it comes to Kazuki attempting to sexually assault him in her Decorteo Brigieux due to Asmodeus's influence.



Kaguya is known to be the strongest Magika Stigma of the academy. She also had an older brother that was a swordsman, like Kazuki. However, he died in an unknown accident.


Volume 1Edit

Kaguya is first seen greeting Kazuki Hayashizaki about enrolling in National Knight Academy. She is later is seen greeting students to the academy and reveals herself as the student council president.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the Magic Division president of the Knight Academy, Kaguya was the strongest summoner there until Kazuki Hayashizaki defeated her. As a Chouki Magician she is the strongest summoner of Asmodeus.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Asmodeus 10 inherent powers: Edit

Level 1: Desire Tentacle: Summons black tentacles to strangle its enemies.

Level 2: Feel Pain: This magic inflicts hallucinations of pain to the opponent.

Level 3: Suicide Black: Defensive magic that covers the summoner in a black mist and reflects all incoming pain to the enemy.

Level 4: Cocytus: Summons a pure white cold wave that freezes anything it touches instantly.

Level 5: Twilight Spectre: Summons a big black shark that devours its enemies.

Level 6: Ultra Violence: Makes an aura that doubles the sense of pain to the people in its range.

Level 7: ?

Level 8: Near Death Roulette: Weapon creation magic that summons a scythe that has the ability to rob the victim of one of their five senses randomly with each strike, the sixth strike will disconnect the opponent's magic power and force them into magic intoxication.

Level 9: Guernica: Covers enemy that the spellcaster feels hatred for with hell's flames that burn to the point that there aren't even ashes left.

Level 10: Seventh Hell: Through Asmodeus the gate of hell is summoned that spits out miasma that become Guenerica Hell Fire in contact with those whom the summoner feels hatred towards. Simply Multi-target Guenerica. In Volume 10, she mastered this spell and discovered that the gate of hell not only brings punishment towards her enemies but mercy towards the innocents. For the mercy part, the gate of hell cleanses the evil of the innocent souls whose lives were unjust.

Different Powers: Edit

Union Magic: Galaxy: Galaxy is Kaguya's very own original union magic that even Kazuki cannot copy, it summons a geometry pattern of light that spreads out in radial waves around Kaguya. The vicinity becomes a pitch black darkness with Kaguya as the center, countless lights shine in the surroundings. This ability has few more moves such as:

  • Sun’s Wind: Summons a wind of corona gas that surpasses one million degrees and rains down on Kaguya's enemies and burns them down thoroughly.
  • Cosmic Ray: Summons high energy radiation that is usually absorbed by the atmosphere and rains down directly on enemies and burns them to nothing.

Resist: Kaguya has remarkable proficiency in countering incoming attacks with the opposite element and wavelengths.


  • Among all the main female characters, Kaguya has the largest breasts.
  • Kaguya means "Shining Night", and Otonashi means "Soundless".

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