Ilyaelia Murometz
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Japanese イリヤ・ムロメック
Rōmaji Iriya Muromekku
Russian Илья Муромец
Other Names, etc. Ilya
Alias Thunder Emperor
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 18
Status Alive (Resurrected)
Eye Light Blue
Hair Light Blonde
Occupation Summoner
Diva Svarog
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 7

Ilyaelia Murometz, or just Ilya for short is the current King of Russia.


Ilya is a young, but extremely beautiful girl with light blue eyes and light blonde hair. The magic dress of Svarog consists of a very revealing silver dress with tattered sleeves it also includes a big ornament on her head which resembles a crown. The magic dress of Chernobog is an ominous jet black dress.


She has a calm and relaxed personality, Ilya also has a lot of confidence in her abilities, having pride as being the fastest person in Russia. She is also seen friendly with strangers as when she helped Kazuki and Charlotte without a second thought. However, she has ulterior motives on helping people and will not hesitate to attack under any circumstances. She displays a huge amount of killing intent towards her target and is willing to kill them if she has the opportunity. She also stated that she never "worked hard" in her life and usually relies on her magic powers.

As stated by Arthur she has a personality that is calm and cool making a snap judgment. She has no hesitation in whatever she is doing, and when the surrounding is just thinking ‘danger’ she has already finished her action. She is that kind of character.

Ilya emotionless personality is the result of her offering her emotions to her contracted Diva, changing it into power. This is also the reason why she's able to chant spells almost instantly. This is why she sees Kazuki Hayashizaki as her antithesis: as he grows more powerful by using his emotions rather than abandoning them. While she wants to fight him in order to determined which one of their paths is correct and to grow more pure, she still wanted to talk with him before they battled in Volume 12.




Volume 7Edit

Ilya is first seen arriving in the battlefield to help Kazuki and Charlotte escape.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the King of Russia she is the strongest person in her country. Her strength and power also rival other kings. Her contracted Diva has the ability to freely change between the side of Order (Svarog) and the side of Chaos (Chernobog). She has an immense amount of magic power, even after fighting Kazuki Hayashizaki when he was using two Level 10 spells simultaneously, she was still able to fight and overpower Regina Olympia Folnar almost immediately after.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Immense speed (Svarog): Ilya is extremely fast if not the fastest characters in the series, she is able to travel extremely long distances in a matter of seconds. Not even Kazuki with his multiple speed reinforcement spells could reach her level. She is also the fastest person in Russia as stated according to her.

Storm Summoner: In Volume 7 it was shown that she can create, summon, and control storms and its lightning. This was first shown when she shot down Sun Xiaodong with lightning from the storm she summoned earlier nearly killing him.

Svarog 10 inherent powers:Edit

Level ?: Plije Zvizda: Summons a small meteor shower.

Level ?: Agouni Koparyo: Creates a shape-shifting silver flame.

  • Miechi: Solidifies the silver flame into a blade.
  • Pospeiv: Morphs the silver flame into metal full body armor.

Level ?: Damafoi: Summons raging flames that have been compressed with intense heat.

Level ?: Raskati Gloma: An enormous electric discharge that shoots lightning from her palm at the target.

Chernobog 10 inherent powers: Edit

Level ?: El De ・ Es Nui: Prima Materia particles gather around Ilya and then each of the particles become fireballs that begin to overlap to become gigantic like the sun, only to explode creating destructive shockwaves and intense heat. This attack demonstrates the destructive power of nuclear fission, which means that also contaminates surrounding land in radioactivity.


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