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Praa―ise me♪

–Hikaru to Kazuki, Volume 5, Chapter 6

Hikaru Hoshikaze
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Hikaru colored pic

Hikaru manga debut

Japanese 星風 光 (ほしかぜ ひかる)
Rōmaji Hoshikaze Hikaru
Other Names, etc. Prince
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 16 years old
Status Alive
Eye Violet
Hair Navy Blue
Occupation Student
Affiliation Magic Division

Student Council
Witch's House

School National Knight Academy
Diva Baal
Manga debut Chapter 4
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Manami Numakura

Hikaru Hoshikaze ((ほし)(かぜ) (ひかる) Hoshikaze Hikaru) is the vice-president of the student council in the Magic Division and one of the main heroines of the series.


Hikaru has long navy blue hair in a ponytail which is tied with a white ribbon. She has violet eyes. Hikaru wears the academy's uniform as well as white thigh-high knee socks. Hikaru’s Magical Dress is sleeveless, and the Stigma revealed itself starting from the shoulders down the entire arm.


Hikaru has a tomboyish personality. She is afraid of boys, because when she was a little girl, she went to a girls only school. Hikaru has a cute side to her as stated by Kazuki Hayashizaki. Sometimes Hikaru uses Boku usually as only boys use that word to refer themselves. She views herself as an man as she had shounen manga in her room.

While quite caring and responsible, Hikaru tends to be very thoughtless about what she says. Often saying things that are either dirty or rude around other people.

After going on a date with Kazuki, Hikaru was finally able to accept that she's a girl. Unfortunately, Hikaru turn out to actually be quite perverted and a open one at that. She usually tries to see Kazuki's penis whenever she flirts with him.



Hikaru became vice-president of Magic Division at some time in the past and became friends with Kaguya Otonashi.


Volume 1Edit

Hikaru returns from a quest to Witch's house introducing herself to the new residents. When she realized that Kazuki was a boy, she was dreadfully embarrassed and was revealed to he terrified of boys, having never dealt with them before. Kazuki and Mio Amasaki are baffled by her habit of behaving like a boy, while Kazuki sees her as a beautiful woman. They hold a welcoming party for the new residents till midnight. Kazuki wakes up early in the morning and makes food. Everyone is shocked by his talent as a cook. Mio was constantly arguing with Kazuki and when she insulted the sword style of his adopted family he would not accept that. It ended in a challenge, he would fight with his sword against her magic. The Student Council tried to talk them out of it, such a duel had never happened officially at the Academy, but to no avail. They were interrupted by his sister Kanae Hayashizaki, president of the Swordsmanship Division. She was thrilled by the whole notion and was able to approve the fight with her own authority. Hikaru and Koyuki Hiakari were baffled by Kanae's habit of referring to Kazuki as her big brother when fact she was a year older.

Kazuki used his foresight and skill to dominate the fight against Mio and win. Something that shocked the whole Magic Division and was a huge boost of confidence for the swordsmen, who had always been told they were clearly inferior to their counterparts.Then the residents watch Kauki and Mio make curry and he asked about their taste for spiciness. They were interrupted by Kanae, who had just discovered her brother was living with girls. She had gone behind his back to get him transferred to the Swordsmanship Division. He refused accept the transfer though and would not be persuaded. But she had the staff on her side, since he and shown great skill with a sword but no ability to use summoning magic at all. It had been decided he would face a skilled swordsman at the Inter-Division tournament. If he could not win with only summoning magic that he would be forced to transfer. Later she, along with Kaguya and Koyuki were on a quest to stop an illegal magician named Earth Snake. They found him in town as he was attacking Kazuki and Mio while they were on a date. But he was able to escape again, frustrating Kaguya.

They explain that the tournament is one of the few where they allow outside spectators. They tell Kaziuki about it and about the safely measures in place to protect the spectators. Hikaru participates in the first match, fighting Torazō Yamada. He actually does pretty well at the start,. But once she chants her magic to accelerate he reflexes she dominates completely. She gets so carried away in fact that Koyuki has to stop the fight before she kills him in the heat of the moment. Despite the odds, Kazuki wins his fight by harnessing the magic of Mio and Kaguya and chooses to remain in the Magic Division. Suddenly the illegal magician Kaya appears and begins a rampage, summoning dragons to attack the school, Hikaru moved to take on one of the dragons at once. Kaya was eventually defeated by Kaguya, who was about to kill the girl. At the last moment, though she surrendered totally to her Diva Loki, who materialized in her place. After Loki mortally wounds Mio Kazuki manages to injure him with his sword, forcing Loki to retreat. Koazuki then does a full summon of Mio's Diva, saving her life and falling to deep magic intoxication. As Loki rose to power over the next few days they were busy with quests, leaving Mio behind to look after Kazuki. They were happy to see he was awake when they got back. Being under the influence of Kaguya's Diva they jumped into bed with him to enjoy some skinship, which upset Mio.

Volume 2 Edit

Hikaru had been doing morning sword training with Kazuki recently. She was a very good student who learned quickly using her advanced telepathy magic to understand his movements. She had a whole new respect for swordsmen after meeting Kazuki and was seeking to improve her close quarter combat skills. She still had that bizarre habit of thinking of herself as a boy, which Kazuki found hard to understand, he certainly did not see her that way. But friendship was the only thing on his mind. They have a perverted accident or two and Kazuki finds her reaction to it rather strange, Leme thought it was part of her man phobia. She said she hoped to get along better, maybe in a "boys love" kind of way which he found even stranger.

They are interrupted by Kōhaku Hikita of the Swordsmanship Division. She did not approve of what he was doing but he assured Hikaru he did not agree. Hikaru tried to get the drop on the girl but was stopped and barely managed to block her counter-attack. She apologized for underestimating her. Kōhaku suddenly proposed to Kazuki out of the blue, which shocked them both. Her reason was even more bizarre, she wanted to unite the two ancient sword-styles of their families and found an even more powerful one. Kazuki thought this ridiculous and refused. She then asked that Kazuki join her party, which consisted only of Magical Swordsmen. It was not allowed for them to take on quests without the help of a Magic student. That was why she needed Kazuki. He could get them inside the Haunted Ground but would be expected to fight only with a sword once inside. She wanted to prove further the worthiness of Magical Swordsmen. Kazuki thought that process had begun with his fight a few days before, but things were not happening fast enough for Kōhaku. In her opinion the way to fix those inequities was to allow the swordsmen to make use of Sacred Treasures, which was not permitted even by the swordsmen in the Knight Order.

The stance of the government was that the Sacred Treasures were mysterious objects that could potentially warp the mind (the same could be said of Divas). But there had never been any tests or proof offered that any of that was true, it was just blindly accepted. Given the general attitude of those in power towards Magical Stigma vs. swordsmen the idea of a conspiracy to limit the full potential of swordsmen was not that farfetched. Kazuki insists he will not leave his current party and has no interest in a romantic relationship. But he agreed to be friends with her at least. Torazō paid them a visit, surprised to see Kōhaku. Hikaru was interested in a re-match but he refuses, seeing no way he could win. There were many problems on his Student Council and be admired how theirs worked. They all hoped this conflict between the divisions could be fixed, but it was slow going. After they left, Hikaru told Kazuki that Kaguya would a task in mind for him and Mio tomorrow.

Hikaru was part of a special Student Council meeting along with the other residents of the Witch's House. They would be the only students told the full truth about the new Rank-A transfer student Charlotte Lieben Frau. She was a princess of a small Dukedom in Europe now controlled by a different magically advanced country, Germany. She had been terribly ill for her whole life and it threatened to claim her life around her 14th birthday. A mysterious Diva offered her a chance and she took it, bonding with him completely and he was able to cure her illness. This choice, however, would make her an illegal magician, which carried a death sentence under German law, She fled to Japan and became a refugee. She produced her Diva, who had fully materialized in the form of a small boy. They assure everyone that he had not encroached on Lotte's mind in any way.

Leme could tell at a glace the he was in a similar situation to herself, having lost his powers and memory after a devastating loss in battle. He did not even know his own name, Lotte called him "Prophet". He had used his unique powers as a Diva to fly her to Japan on a plane. Lotte had a remarkable talent too, having used telepathy to learn Japanese in only 3 days. This is what allowed her to jump ahead and join the Magic Academy despite being only 14. She also became a potential conquest target for him. Liz suggested that Kazuki and Mio should add Lotte to their party, as she was already a level 3, Hikaru was also eager to learn about her unique skills and asked to have a practice duel the next day. It was also announced that the Germans' most elite Magical Stigma would soon be arriving in the search for Loki. As the followers of the Norse Mythology they were the experts on him. But they continued to be angry with Japan for refusing to return Lotte to them for execution. It was mentioned later by Kaguya that she had sexually harassed Hikaru that day due to being under the influence of her Diva.

Kanae was very unhappy and jealous when she found out about their morning training sessions. Hikaru insisted there was nothing to worry about but Kazuki had to correct her. He had always seen her as a beautiful woman and not as "one of the guys" like she insisted. Kanae then met Lotte, yet another girl who was treating Kazuki like a big brother. She insisted that she must prove herself in her eyes before becoming a worthy housemate of Kazuki. Kōhaku turned up again, and Kanae found herself with yet another love rival. As the two girls argued, Lotte recognized her as someone strong and suggested that Kōhaku should be her opponent for the practice match so she could prove herself. Kanae approved the match and Hikaru acted as referee. Kōhaku had tremendous speed and kept things even at first. But Lotte not only had very fast chanting speed but used lightning as well as gunfire, something no other student had ever seen before. In the end Hikaru ended the match out of safety concerns, declaring Lotte the winner by decision, something Kōhaku found hard to accept.

Volume 3 Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Swordsmanship: Hikaru has been learning proper swordsmanship from Kazuki. The reason why she's asked him to train her is so she could improve her close-combat skills for when she's using Ride Lightning.

Baal 10 inherent powers:Edit

Hikaru's diva magic are all storm based magic. In volume 11, Hikaru became the favored princess of Baal thanks to her positively level bond with Kazuki being over 150.

Level 1: Lightning Line: Creates a bow of electricity that fires arrows made of lightning. This power is weak compared to other level 1 magic but it can be used multiple times upon one cast as long as she still has arrows.

  • Arrow Storm (Chouki Magician):

Level 2: Horoscope Stasis: Envelops the target in ropes made from light from which even a dragon couldn't break free.

Level 3: Storm Fort: Creates a barrier of wind around the target. The barrier is big enough to protect 2 people.

Level 4: Ayamur: Summons a spear Sacred Treasure with the power to control wind.

Level 5: Ride Lightning: Creates a magical system that covers the user with electricity increasing the speed of thought and all physical activity.

  • Connect Lightning (Chouki Magician): Accelerates either the user's body or someone else.

Level 6: Crying Nimbus: Covers the sky with dark colored clouds which start to rain, making all thunder magic unusable for the duration.

Level 7: Arc Flash Hazard: The power of the atmosphere is compressed into two poles of positive and negative energy and raises a vortex, that equilibrium is broken and it causes a pure white explosion.

Level 8: Yagrush: Summons a giant hammer Sacred Treasure infused with the power to control electricity.

Level 9: ?:

Level 10: King of Flies: Summons a swarm of giant flies to absorb magic power from enemies.


  • She is afraid of boys. However, in later volumes it showed that she is a liberated girl, meaning that she has overcome her androphobia while being attracted and perverted to Kazuki at the same time.
  • Kazuki obtained the Key to her Heart and kissed her for the first time in Volume 4, Chapter 5
  • She was able to become a Chouki Magician in Volume 11, Chapter 1
  • She lost her virginity to Kazuki in Volume 13, Chapter 2 (along with most of the Harem)