Futsunushi no Kami
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Japanese 経津主の神
Rōmaji Futsunushi no Kami
Other Names, etc. Futsu no Mitama
Alias God of iron and fire
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Eye White
Occupation God


Partner Kazuha Tsukahara
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 3
Futsunushi no Kami (経津主の神 Futsunushi no Kami) is a god of swords. He is a general of Amaterasu and is a Shinto kami of swords. He is regarded as the personification of the sword Futsu-no-Mitama. He is also the Diva of Kazuha Tsukahara. In Volume 6 Futsunushi no Kami assimilated with the fellow sword diva of the Japanese Mythology Take Mikadzuki, changing some of it's 10 characteristic spells and making them stronger.


Futsunushi takes the appearance of a giant silver double-edged broadsword with a face engraved on it.


Kazuki described his personality like a good natured uncle's. The Diva of sword sometimes has a strangely deep character. Like all Divas, he acknowledges Kazuki as King and highly respects him as both a swordsman and summoner at the same time. It brought him great joy to him when Kazuki summoned him into battle by kissing Kazuha.


Futsunushi no Kami is the Sword God that was worshiped by the lineage of Tsukahara for generations.


  • In Japanese mythology, Futsunushi (経津主神 Futsunushi no Kami) is a kami of swords, thus his shinto priests are supposed to always wear Nihintō with them, at least in the shrine. He is a general of Amaterasu along with Takemikazuchi.

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