The Election Tournament (選挙大会 Senkyo taikai) was a tournament held by the National Knight Academy. The tournament was to meant to act as a display for the candidates to demonstrate their strength and leadership for all the students watch. The winning of the tournament doesn't automatically become the Chief Student Council President. The tournament act as a form of battle pledge; if the students judge that the winner isn't suitable based on the way they fight, then they're less likely to become the Chief Student Council President. After the tournament, a vote was preformed among the student.

The maximum members in a team is 4, two from the Magic Division and two from the Sword Division. The number of candidates are sixteen teams. With this number of teams, the first round has eight matches, the second round four matches, the semifinal two matches, and then the final. As a special measure; Magic Division's students are prohibited from using weapons, well Sword Division's students are prohibited from using Sacred Treasures.

Election Tournament

Election Tournament

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