Beatrix Baumgard
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Beatrix profile light novel
Japanese ベアトリクスロバウムガルド
Rōmaji Beatorikusu Baumgaruto
Other Names, etc. Beatrix-chan (by Kazuki)
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 19
Status Alive
Eye Red
Hair Pink
Occupation captain of Einherjar
Affiliation Einherjar
Diva Thor
Partner Eleonora


Manga debut Chapter 20
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 2

 Beatrix Baumgard  (ベアトリクス·バウムガルドBeatorikusu Baumgaruto ) is a Summoner in Germany, who is contracted to Thor . Initially, she was in Japan ostensibly to help against  Loki , but secretly was really after Charlotte's life. After she was defeated by Kazuki at the end of Volume 2 she abandoned her mission and became a part of kazuki's harém. During the events in volume: 9 she became the new king of Germany.


Beatrix is a petite girl much like  Koyuki , but because it is Europe that is higher than the average Japanese woman. Beatrix has pink long hair tied in a ponytail with bangs covering her forehead and deep red eyes. It is commonly seen wearing a black military uniform tone, however, in battle, she changes her Decorteo Brigieux  that looks like armor that has the divine protection of the defensive power.


At first, Beatrix has a cruel personality and battle headquarters. It is also a kind of a knight of blood. She enjoys both fighting strong warriors and fight alongside them, as Kazuki and his harem. Beatrix is ​​both a sadist and masochist in battle, the latter acting as one of its strengths. Beatrix overall personality is often compared to a Viking, which is proud of.

After several battles with Kazuki , his thought process was: "I want to fight and kill him, and I never thought that way about a man before, so I'm in love with him." She wants Kazuki to become a regular student rather than a king so she can return to his homeland with him and marry him. Beatrix often is always embarrass Kazuki treat her as a woman, to call it Beatrix-chan or kiss her on the cheek.



His nation is under the auspices of the Nordic mythologies (which is why they offered to help against Loki and Japan accepted), and they are much less tolerant of Diva out contracts their mythology than Japan is, if this is possible. Charlotte, who is being hired for an "unknown suspect", was forced to escape from their home country to Japan, so that it is not running, and Beatrix followed to fulfill the order.


volume 2Edit

Beatrix appears for the first time in Haunting Ground and after Kazuki detection, Mio and the presence of Charlotte will immediately attack them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Abilities and SkillsEdit

As Thor contractor and the captain of Einhenjar it is one of the strongest warriors of Germany. She is able to push Kaguya Otonashi in a corner and can take a group of student riders without any difficulty.

Thor 10 Inherent Powers:Edit

Level 1: Berserk : Magic booster that increases physical strength and reflexes. Note also the red eye users Level 2: Megingjord : Magic reinforcement that enhances the physical strength further.

Level 3: Fjorgyn Megin : Lightning is coated gun users

Level 10: Mjölnir : Mjolnir is the hammer of his Diva Thor . He has immense destructive power.

King's Authority: Power of frenzy king.: As the Semi- Chief of Norse Myth, Thor has power rivaling or equal Odin. His Authority is similar to Odin's but with slight differences. First, Odin's require depleted magical protection, while Thor is more the person enjoys the battle the fiercer the attacks. Second, the use of runes is different, Hrozovit used rune precisely to fight, whereas Beatrix used them as sort of a mentor tutorial to keep herself grounded while in a frenzy. If she has any doubt the power wavers, but it also revives once that doubt is conquered.


  • Svalinn : Svalinn is a sacred treasure of Germany, this circular shield could even block the giant flaming fist Muspelheim that Kaya summoned. It has absolute resistance towards flame.

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