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Volume 11 Light Novel Cover


Japanese アーサー
Rōmaji Āsā
Other Names, etc. King Arthur
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 19
Status Alive
Eye Unknown
Hair Blonde
Occupation King
Diva King Arthur
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 7

Arthur (アーサー Āsā) is the King of Great Britain.


In her disguise Arthur has a somewhat smaller stature than Kazuki. With a handsome face like a doll, she has an androgynous sweet look. She looks gallant matching with her hair that is cut short. Arthur wears a glen check suit.

Arthur's true form is that of a beautiful girl with long blonde hair in a braided bun, green eyes and big breasts. The color scheme of her magic dress is similar to Great Britain's flag.


As a King representing Great Britain Arthur has a very polite and calm personality, she instantly greeted Kazuki upon meeting him. Out of all the kings that Kazuki met, Arthur is the one with the most sense of honor and didn't show any hostility to Kazuki like the rest of the Kings.

She also defended Kazuki from Regina Olympia Folnar when she assaulted him in the Grand Haunted Ground. She did this to preserve the balance of the magic advanced countries and to have a future one on one duel with Kazuki.

The reason why Arthur disguises herself as a man is to prevent herself from falling in love. This is because if she finds love, she won't be the perfect king.




Volume 7Edit

Arthur is first seen walking along with the King of Italia Regina.

Volume 8 Edit

Volume 9 Edit

Volume 10 Edit

Volume 11 Edit

Volume 12 Edit


Excalibur: Excalibur is a Sacred Treasure for the King of Britain disguised as a gentleman's walking stick, however after it awakens it has extreme destructive capabilities.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Weapon Mastery: Arthur is capable of wielding medieval weaponry with great skill. Her swordsmanship alone rivals that of Kazuki Hayashizaki, a fellow King and a master of the Hayashizaki-style swordsmanship.

Level ?: Carnwennan: Arthur summons a silver gauntlet on her right arm with a short sword that is fixed into this gauntlet. This gauntlet also has divine protection in the form of a white aura that increases the users speed.

King's AuthorityEdit

Power of Promise: The more promises Arthur makes and fulfills the more powerful she gets even if Arthur breaks the promise she has asked for all her Power as king.


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