Akane Yagumo
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Akane Yagumo novel
Japanese 八雲 あかね
Rōmaji Akane Yagumo
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age Teens
Status Alive
Eye Green
Hair Black
Affiliation Knight Order
School National Knight Academy (formerly)
Diva Amon
Partner(s) Kanon Kodzuki
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 5

Akane Yagumo (八雲 あかね Yagumo Akane) is a member of Knight Order as well as a partner of Kanon Kodzuki.


Akane is a very tall girl for her age, she has long black hair that is gathered into a single braid and green eyes. Akane is usually seen with her uniform of Knight Order.


Akane has a serious personality, she is usually seen dealing with Kanon and her mischiefs. Akane can also be very understanding in more serious situations. She tends to completely lose her composure when something doesn't go according to her plan or when something unexpected happens, resulting in her temporarily becoming unable to function usually requiring Kanon or someone else to bring her back to her senses.




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  • She and Kazuki kissed in Volume 14, Chapter 1